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Thanks so much for coming to my Side Account page. My main account is Explosive-X-Orange

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Mon May 25, 2015, 6:29 PM by OrangeStarZone:iconorangestarzone:

Check Out these Contests!

Outfit Design Contest: Extended!Contest Deadline has been Extended to July 1st!
Contest: Design Ouron's Outfit!
Say Hello to Ouron!

Larger Reference: Ouron Sheet

I've been working on this character's design for some time now. Getting his basic appearance to match the character I had come up with was hard enough. I needed something simple, yet at the same time, distinct. And proportions on this type of character was something new as well.  Stockier and taller than your average hedgehog, I had to play with how I could manipulate the classic hedgie shape. And making spines resemble dreadlocks...but not look too much like an Echidna....that was its own challenge.
But, I overcame all of those hurdles, only to find that there was one more, far more daunting then the others.

Try as I might, I have not been able to design a good outfit for Ouron.
Outfit Contest
Contest TIME!! Deadline addedDeadline:
August 2nd
After May, you guys have about 2 months before this contest ends
So take your time, no rush and have fun
**This deadline is extendable, if some people can't make it, due to school/work/etc.
Whats that? YEAH After all my times on DeviantART I never did a contest... Until now
Now I want this contest to be Big, HUGE or at least funnnnnnn with seriously GOOD prizes.
:iconzazakun011: Just me, I don't think i'll need any volunteers [thank you]
I will be judging on: Creativity, colours, effectiveness and possible detail.
Anyone can join.Unlimited entries but only one can winNo Literature/Writing (I'm not so good at judging pieces of literature sorry)
No Gore/Violence/Porn [to an extent]
Do NOT steal, copy or clam other people's entry/s or art worksYou can add your own character to your entry but my character/s must be there tooThere is not limit to how many characters you
Fan Character and OC
Contest.Here are the details of the contest.
 - Draw this guy in an embarrassing situation.
Thing about Brick? He's always the butt of jokes. So why not? It's fun and interesting and I'm curious to see what kind of embarrassing situations you can put the guy in.
The only rules are -
-Nothing adult: you can't have him being caught having sex or something, you weirdos. (As a side note, something like being stuck in an awkward position in Twister with a girl is okay, but seriously, keep it PG13)
-Try and be creative - sure, you can use the pregnant meme and have him react to that, but that's boring and cliche'. Try and really think about a fun, creative situation.
-Can be a story, or a picture, or both. Whatever works to help illustrate it.

I'm putting the due date all the way out in July to give you guys enough time to think about joining and/or think of something. I'll let you know the specific day when we get closer.
Character in a situation


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ShadowInkAdopts Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Im sorting out adopts and wondered if you still wished to keep the one here c:

Outfit Adopt - Pirate Lady - SOLD by ShadowInkAdopts
OrangeStarZone Featured By Owner 6 days ago
sure, I still wished to keep it ^^
ShadowInkAdopts Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright! Thanks a lot for letting me know ^^
SparkleWolf404 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
What was that adoptable thing you stored?
OrangeStarZone Featured By Owner May 15, 2015
Idk, I have soo much deviations in storage that IDk
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